Sunday, January 18, 2009


We work from home. As I stated before my husband is an artist not just a tattooist! I finally figured out how to ad our etsy store to our blogs!! Yes I know it took me long enough but I'm learning!! So please take a moment of your time and check out our store! You may find something you love if not maybe you'll find what your looking for in someone else's store. We sell handmade jewelry, vintage items, wire tree sculptures etc... Everything except for the vintage items are handmade by us!! Turns out I have some talent as well!! There will also be original artwork by my husband for sale. Currently there is only one for sale. The drawings take alot of time.

Well Thanks!! Talk to you tomarrow!


Sweet potatoes are so healthy they have fiber and vitamins and they taste great too! Growing up I wouldn't even try them. One night we went out to dinner and my husband ordered one it smelled so good I couldn't not try it!!
However many medium sized (or just all similar sized sweet potatoes) you need
brown sugar
healthy butter subsitute (smart balance)

spray foil with non stick spray wrap potatoes (after cleaning them) in foil
bake in a 350 degree oven until they feel soft not squishy. Roughly one to two hours depending on size. Carefully remove from oven open foil. Cut about a one inch section of skin from top slice potatoe up in skin. Very carfully! Add cinomin, brown sugar and butter to taste!! That's it. Everyone in my house including the kids loves them. Before this like me the kids would never eat sweet potatoes!!