Friday, January 16, 2009

Angel Food Ministries

Angel food ministries is an incredible program. They offer good food at discounted prices. I think I have talked about them before but now I have been using the program for a couple of months and can honestly say the food is really good. For $30 you get roughly enough food to feed a family of four for a month. That is there regular box, then they have special boxes. They offer a produce box that you can't beat it is usually $21. The contents differ each month but you cannot buy that quality produce in that amount for the same amount of money. You do have to carefully look at each menu and compare it to what your family will eat. I did not order last months produce box since it did have enough in it that we would not have used. The program is open to EVERYONE all levels of income. No income verification or anything else required. You simply contact a distributor in your area to find out what day to order on and what day to pick up. You go on order day which is in the beginning of the month place your order pay for it then the end of the month you pick it up. The meats are individually packaged and frozen. Sometimes the first month is a little difficult since you pay and don't receive the food until the end of the month. The fist month I did not order alot, then the next month I was able to order more. They do accept food stamps. I cannot encourage you enough to look into this program. I today's economy everyone needs to save money whenever and wherever they can.
Check it out on line. Again this food is top quality not seconds!

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