Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grocery Shopping Day!!

Ok shopping day what a drag. I like to shop especially when Im saving money, but I hate coming home and putting it all away!! However with a little extra effort it is well worth the while. I do not shop big shop every week. I do this about twice a month.
When you find boneless chicken breast on sale for 1.99 a pound you need to cut it up and clean it. Yuk!! Well pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours first. Not so gross now. I usually pop it in the freezer then pull it out and cut it up. Think about what you are going to do with it. I like to cut it up into smaller pieces instead of the whole breast so it will cook faster. Now adays most things are about how quickly can we get them done.
I also take some of them and put them into big zip lock bags with marinade!! This way its ready to go. Just pull and bake!!

Now Ground beef. I like to make meatballs and meatloaf. I take some of it and turn it into meatballs you can either cook and freeze or freeze raw. (recipe to follow).
Meatloaf , mix it all together form it and freeze it!! Again when you decide you want to make meatloaf just pull it out and pop it in.

Steak, in the summer months you can almost always find London Broil on sale for again $1.99 a pound. They are great but marinade is an absolute must, the longer the better. When you bring the steaks home simply pop them in a plastic zip lock bag (generic brand from walmart) add marinade and pop them in the freezer. They marinade while freezing and while thawing. It works great!!

Again a little more effort on a dreaded day but well worth it in the end!!

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