Monday, October 27, 2008

Turkey Tip!!

Ok we all know the holidays are just around the corner. So here come the holiday tips.

This one I discovered by accident. It was pretty funny. I thought I had ruined thanksgiving dinner. I opened the oven took my turkey out and well it looked like it had completely cooked away!! I didn't see any breast!! I started to panick it didn't make any sense I have been cooking turkey's now for about 20 years!! What was in the pan was moist so how could I have cooked it away!!! Well I started digging around in the pan hoping to at least come up with enough meat to feed my family and to my suprise the breast was on the bottom!! I had put the turkey in the pan breast side down!! Hey we can all get a little frazzled when doing the holiday dinner thing..
Well it turns out it was the best turkey yet! Since I had cooked it upside down in the pan all the juices continuously ran into the breast!! It was great!!

First thing with cooking a turkey DO NOT BASTE!!! This drys it out!! Put your turkey in the

pan season it ad a little bit of water and let it cook! I set my temp to 350 degrees. Doing it

this way the skin will cook and create a shell holding all the moisture in. In my 20 years of

cooking turkeys I am proud to say I have NEVER had a dry turkey!! When I take the

turkey out and slice it I also dip the slices in the juice before I put them on the platter.

Even without doing that it is still moist. I remember my first christmas with my husband he just

didn't get it. He kept following me around but you have to baste, no I don't now leave my kitchen.

He just knew it was going to be the worst turkey he had ever had. He spent the rest of the

evening appologizing and raving about my turkey. He just couldn't get over it.

I put it in the oven and forget it!!! I will not go into how long to cook your turkey because

it depends on the size of the bird and even individual ovens vary temp wise. I always use a

popup thermometer. If your bird doesn't have one you can buy them cheap.

So this year give it a try. Turn your bird upside down put it in the oven and relax!! Pretty

much everything else can be made at least the day before. I even make my mashed potatoes

the day before. Always mash them do not boil them and put in the fridge to mash later, to much


So take the day to relax and enjoy your family and friends.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I also do not buy expensive turkeys, whatever is on sale wins. But do buy the biggest one you can afford the smaller ones have less breast meat so not such a great value.

Keep checking back I have lots of tips and short cuts on great holiday dinners!!!

One thanksgiving I did everything in advance so thanksgiving day I popped my turkey in the

oven and went off and enjoyed a nice hot bubble bath!!!

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