Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Blueberry Shake

Ok for this one I'm not giving exact amounts. Just play with it and adjust to you and your family's tast.

1. Blueberry pomegranite juice - I usually buy the minute maid brand, I have found it is the
least expensive. Yes it's a little more then most budgets would allow but considering the
health benefits this is one of those things I do splurge on.

2. Vanilla Yogurt around a cup

3. Bananas - one or two

4. Frozen berries

5. Splash or drizzle of honey

put all ingredients in blender and blend. There you have it. You may want to make it a little sweater by adding some canned fruit in light syrup. Play with it. have fun!! Enjoy and hey no guilt! Packed full of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber!!

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